Our Story

Our Story

Passionate brewers believe that a superior beer begins with quality ingredients.
We began our journey in the winter of 2002, brewing small, five-gallon batches in our garage, just for fun.
In a few years, we were actively homebrewing as often as possible and always searching for the highest quality ingredients to better our recipes.
For us, planting a few hops was inevitable on the path to achieve the most flavorful brews.

We put forty rhizomes in the ground in the spring of 2006 under our locally- sourced, Black Locust pole trellis,
and Black Locust Hops was born. After talking with a few, local breweries,
we quickly realized the need for fresh, local hops on a commerical scale in the Maryland area and have been expanding ever since.
We now have two farms and 5,000 plants under trellis, and our days of hand- picking are long behind us, thankfully!
Black Locust Hops is tucked away in the rolling hills of Northern Baltimore County
and would not be possible without the support of our wonderful neighbors,
many hours of free labor from our dear friends (don't worry; we'll get you back!),
and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our community.

Throughout the growing season, from the emerging shoots to the heavily- laden bines,
our hops are hand- tended with the utmost care.
Currently growing, are Brewer's Gold, Chinook,
Nugget, and Cascade, with a few, new varieties available soon!
Our intent is to have several varieties that enjoy our fickle climate as much as we do,
and as we continue to expand,
we will continue to put a consistently superior hop on the market in Maryland.